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MTD Series(Metal film thickness measurement probe),3402.com,新葡京娱乐城没法登入

MTD-300 series metal film thickness measurement probe using Eddie-Current principle. Measuring the thickness of the metal layer on the surface of the wafer by a non-contact method.
Nano scale film thickness resolution.  
Extremely high measurement reproducibility. 
No damage to the sample.
Fast measurement.

MTD-300A metal film thickness measurement probe integrate the robot hand and wafer loading platform on the basis of the two dimensional precision measurement platform and it can achieve all the wafer's automatic measurement. It can be used as a real-time monitoring device for IC production line or as an end result evaluation instrument. Also, it can be integrated with planarization equipment to on-line measurement.
MTD-300S metal film thickness measurement probe using a desktop design and it can be used independently and replace with the four probes in the IC manufacturing. The product adopts the high precision wafer stage and wafer automatic search zero adsorption mechanism and it has convenient user operation.
MTD-100(Metal film thickness measurement probe) use Eddie-Current,via non-contact method to measure the thickness of wafer’s metal layer’s surface.It can be independent used instead of four point probe in IC manufacture.Also,it can be used in real time monitoring device with other device.

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